Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot School Tech Gadgets

So, all the buzz this school kick off season was not shoes, not backpacks,but tablets. And let's be honest here it's also been about Apple's iPad. Truth be known, I an posting for the first time right now from my very own iPad.

The million dollar question could be "Is the iPad going to be a game changer?" The easy answer is yes. I think that "yes" sells short the magic behind the iPad in the classroom. However elaborating on just what makes that magic is much harder...

The size - Easily my favorite aspect. I've lost my iPad on my desk underneath a single sheet of paper! It's lighter than each and every textbook that my student's are issued in my school.

Ed apps - Yup, this will be a game changer. Key word, WILL. While several great apps for learning exist, we have yet to see many topics even approached. Plus there is a flood of crap apps out there. Apps for Ed might not yet sell me on the $500 model just yet.

Sex appeal - Yes again. Kids want them, they require little to no IT time and a less expensive than most laptops purchased every day in very school in the US.


Oh yea, beats iGoogle hands down...

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